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Three Mills

Three Mills

This is an interior visit

The Grade I listed House Mill is the largest tidal mill left standing in Britain. The flow of water is controlled by sluice gates. Tidal energy powered the hoists which raised the grain to the top floor. Grain was ground for bread and then for gin distilling. The House Mill was rebuilt in 1776 in the Dutch style, reconstructed after a fire in 1802 and restored in 1989 by the River Lea Tidal Mill Trust.

The 1763 facade of the miller’s house was rebuilt in facsimile in 1992-3 as a Visitor & Interpretation Centre.

The Clock Mill (c.1753) is now offices for film studios. The adjoining mill was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1817 with two drying kilns.

The still houses and bonded warehouses were associated with Nicholson’s distillery from 1836.

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