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Rangers House

This is an interior visit

Ranger's House is an elegant Georgian villa built in 1723, which became the official residence of the 'Ranger of Greenwich Park' after 1815, when the post was held by Princess Sophia Matilda, niece of George III. It remained an aristocratic and then royal home until 1902. The house stands on the borders of Greenwich Park, and the Meridian Line passes through its grounds.

Today it houses the Wernher Collection - an astounding display of medieval and Renaissance works of art, all purchased by the diamond magnate Sir Julius Wernher (1850-1912). Arranged within the panelled interiors of this graceful mansion, the Wernher Collection presents a glittering spectacle - a sumptuous arrangement of silver and jewels, paintings and porcelain. Nearly 700 works of art are on display, including early religious paintings and Dutch Old Masters, minute carved Gothic ivories, fine Renaissance bronzes and silver treasures.

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