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2012 Venues

2012 Venues

The Olympic Park and other venues

Let us tell you a positive story about London 2012 - the greening of a grey area, the transformation of a large, inaccessible, industrial zone into a park with 21st century sports facilities, new riverside walkways and cycle routes, opening a green corridor from the River Thames to the River Lea. Walk the Olympic Park, view the construction, learn about the transport connections, future shopping centre, homes and facilities.

Would you like to visit the Olympic Park and other 2012 venues, and hear the positive story of London 2012? By coach, or public transport, we can view the construction site at Stratford, visit ExCeL - venue for 6 Olympic and 6 Paralympic sports - Greenwich, Wembley, central London and out-of-town venues - you choose. Depending on your interests and time constraints, we can offer you a full day or a half day tour.

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