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Photo: Mary Sewell

There are many theatrical associations in East London. Your guide will help you plan your visit, according to your interest and your available time.

Few people realise that the East End was London's first theatreland. From Spitalfields and Shoreditch, Shakespeare and colleagues crossed to the south side of the river Thames, once home to four theatres and several bear baiting rings. Now reconstructed, the Globe is now one of London’s most popular theatres, with its own museum and recently opened authentic Jacobean style Playhouse.

Further down river, rediscover the shipyards of Shakespeare's time in Deptford, scene of Christopher Marlowe’s murder and home to a beautiful, award-winning contemporary dance centre. Continue to Greenwich, where plays were often presented before the Court.

Close to the City, are theatrical associations with the great 18th century actor David Garrick and Yiddish Theatre.

Many of East London’s famous Music Halls, where artists as renowned as Charlie Chaplin, Marie Lloyd and Lillie Langtry performed, have been beautifully restored and are beacons of the performing arts.

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