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Charlton House

Charlton House
Photo: Mary Sewell

This is an interior visit

Charlton House is the finest and best preserved Jacobean mansion in London. The design is attributed to John Thorpe (c.1560-1620), one of the earliest known British architects. The House was built between 1607-12 for Sir Adam Newton, Dean of Durham, and tutor to Prince Henry, the son of James I, and elder brother of the future Charles I. In 1612 the Prince died, but Sir Adam continued in a series of royal appointments until he died in 1629. The Royal connection can be seen in the Prince of Wales's feathers above the east door to the Hall and in the Grand Salon, where there is also James I's royal monogram, the Royal Stuart coat of Arms and the Prince of Wales' feathers again, the Garter and motto "Ich Dien". In the grounds nearby is a mulberry tree, reputed to be the first in Britain, planted in 1608 for King James I. There is an original oak staircase, many fireplaces and plasterwork ceilings.

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