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‘Old Jewry’ says it all. In 1066 William the Conqueror brought with him his personal Jews to handle the money side of his Conquest. Old Jewry was London’s first ghetto. William knew that in London, money was the true ruler. It still is. Walk through any City of London district and you might think you are looking at a typical modern financial centre – the smoked glass, the polished granite. But just clock the street names – Flying Horse Yard, Threadneedle Street, St Mary Axe. The street grid is Medieval. London has always been a chancer’s paradise, sitting on the North Western approaches to Europe. Once we talked about ‘gambling’, now we talk about ‘hedge funds’, ‘unit trusts’, and ‘new issues’, (how the City loves a ‘new issue’ – it’s like a child being born.) Every day of every week, the City of London earns £160 billion in insurance premiums! Come and explore the greatest casino on earth, London Financial City.

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