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The Canary Wharf Story

The Canary Wharf Story

The most pristine pavements you will ever see in London!

What has made vibrant Canary Wharf the most talked-about chapter in the Dockland’s regeneration game? Drop yourself bang in the heart of Canary Wharf and straddle the future and the past on West India Quay. The trading impulse has never left this spot since the West Indies sugar plantation kings seized on cutting-edge 18thC port engineering technology to maximise their sweet gains.

For over a decade the world’s leading financial institutions have beaten a new path eastwards to the Wharf and imposed a buzzy new City culture here. Explore its gleaming new walkways, hallowed halls and appealing outdoor spaces and discover the underlying history of our love affair with trading - something Londoners have been truly successfully doing since the Romans swapped us olives for dogs!

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